Thanks to a thorough analysis of the products we offer to our customers, we are sure that we provide you with the best quality at a reasonable price. Our undeniable advantage is that our team consists only of professionals and scientists. Our representatives can go to the place indicated by you, so we will be able to take care of you until you achieve the expected end result in the form of a satisfactory purchase. Our ideas form the basis of the way we operate and oblige us to respect our clients.

Nest Scientific Biotechnology

Nest Scientific Biotechnology is a leading manufacturer of innovative plastic consumables that are widely used in the field of natural and medical sciences. Its offer includes over 600 products, such as plates, dishes, cell culture bottles, pipette tips and cryotubes, which are ideal for use in cell culture, molecular biology, immunological tests and storage.

Nest Scientific Biotechnology relies on advanced processing equipment, strong core technology and international standardized management system, providing customers with comprehensive services such as design and production of precision injection molds and die casting molds, precise injection parts and precision mold production injection molds and die casting parts etc. The company has almost one hundred domestic utility model invention patents and is a trustworthy and outstanding professional mold manufacturer. Established in 2015,Wuxi Futeng Irradiation Technology Co, Ltd. has internationally advanced irradiation equipment-Rhodotron T T200 electron accelera-tor and irradiation sterilization process, which has passed ISO13485 and ISO11137 system certifications. The company provides professional, safe and environmentally friendly services of sterilization, disinfection, material modification and other processing processes using radiation for manufacturers of medical and health care products, pharmaceuticals and their raw materials, food, pet supplies, cosmetics, polymer materials, etc. < strong>Wuxi NEST BiotechnologyCo, Ltd. –A “golden combination of customization” that truly realizes the seamless combination of procurement, design, molding, production, packaging, sterilization and delivery” and provides professional and efficient customized services industry.

The company also offers over 100 medical plastic consumables and reagents that are used in molecular diagnostics and vaccinations, such as disposable samplers, transport media, nucleic acid extraction kits and disposable intranasal atomization devices.

In order to provide comprehensive and convenient service to its clients in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, Nest Scientific Biotechnology cooperates closely with Genoplast Biotech S.A. This cooperation allows for quick and efficient delivery of high-quality Nest Scientific Biotechnology products in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, as well as providing professional advice and technical support to all our current and future clients.

Biologix Group Limited

Biologix Group Limited specializes in the R&D and production of reagents, disposable materials and laboratory instruments as well as complete biobanking solutions. Biologix has a responsible and flexible team of scientific advisors, which includes the best technological and managerial talents in the field of life sciences and medicine. Biologix is classified as a High Technology Enterprise. With “Serve Human Health” as its source, the two Biologix brands: BIOLOGIX and CryoKING enjoy international excellence and a reputation for the power of sustainable innovation and continuous improvement.

Biologix Group Limited focuses on R&D and innovation across core products and has a GMP compliant Clean Room and a range of professional R&D laboratories that are registered certified to ISO 9001, CE and FDA, and follow strict CDC guidelines for purity and effectiveness. Biologix is ​​committed to designing and manufacturing high-quality products, enriching product lines and strengthening services for complete solutions. Biologix Group Limited focuses on continuous innovation and improvement to offer optimal products, innovative solutions and services to all customers.

Googlab Line Professional Laboratory Plastics

Googlab Line is a brand that is synonymous with high quality and professionalism in the field of laboratory plastics. Products of this brand are not only durable and resistant to damage, but also meet the highest quality standards.

The Googlab Line offer includes various types of laboratory plastics, such as: high-quality laboratory plastics for dosing, centrifugation, PCR, RT-qPCR, microbiology and cell culture. All of these products have been designed with the needs of laboratories in mind, providing users with reliable and precise measurements.

One of the greatest advantages of Googlab Line products is their resistance to mechanical and chemical damage. Thanks to this, they are not only long-lasting, but also safe to use. Additionally, their ergonomic shape and precise workmanship allow for easy and effective performance of all laboratory tests.

Googlab Line is also a guarantee of high-quality materials from which the brand’s products are made. All laboratory plastics are manufactured in accordance with the latest standards, which allows obtaining accurate measurement and test results.

Googlab Line is a brand that fully meets the expectations of laboratories and scientists. High quality, durability and precision of measurements are just some of the features that distinguish the products of this brand. Thanks to this, laboratories can perform their tests with the highest accuracy and reliability, and scientists can be sure that the test results are fully credible and reliable.