Erlenmeyer flasks – what are they and what are they used for?

Erlenmeyer flasks also have other names. You may encounter conical flasks or titration flasks. Keep in mind that each of these two cases involves Erlenmeyer flasks. The name was established in honor of Emil Erlenmeyer. German chemist who invented a laboratory vessel designed to spin freely without fear of spilling the contents inside. What distinguishes the vessel we are describing? First of all, with its narrow neck, flat bottom and tapered design. In the offer of our store you will find high-quality Erlenmeyer flasks made of high-quality plastics distinguished by excellent durability. They are equipped with sealed caps to protect samples from contamination.

Cone flasks are most often used to mix samples by centrifugation. And this with the risk of spilling the contents minimized to almost zero. This means, among other things, that this type of laboratory vessel is perfect for titration by placing under a burette and topping up with an indicator. However, this is only the beginning of its capabilities. The distinctive design makes the conical flask very suitable for situations where liquids need to be boiled. Hot vapors condense at the top of the neck, reducing the risk of solvent loss. The titration flasks recommended by the company can also be used in research conducted in the field of microbiology.

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The described product category was dedicated to Erlenmeyer flasks. You will find a wide selection of high quality laboratory utensils made of plastic. They are distinguished by very good chemical and thermal resistance. This means that they are not afraid of aggressive chemicals and high temperatures. Our flasks are indispensable in many laboratory applications. This means, among other things. That they are used in scientific institutions around the world.

Erlenmeyer flasks presented in our assortment have a characteristic conical shape with a narrow neck and a wide bottom. This design allows efficient mixing of substances. Moreover, it provides better gas exchange during fermentation or cell culture processes. The wide bottom, in turn, provides stability when standing on supports and stirring on magnetic agitators.

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We offer Erlenmeyer flasks of different capacities to all researchers and lab technicians. This allows us to meet different requirements. Among our offerings are small flasks with a capacity of a few milliliters, as well as larger flasks with capacities up to several liters. You can choose the right size that best suits your needs and purchase it from our store at a competitive price. The products we offer are carefully crafted. And visible in them is the attention to every detail, even the smallest. Erlenmeyer flasks are easy to clean and disinfect, making it easy to keep the lab clean. They are also resistant to breakage and damage, ensuring long-lasting use.

Erlenmeyer flasks made of plastic – irreplaceable in your laboratory

Choose our Erlenmeyer flasks and enjoy their many benefits. They will enable you to conduct your research and experiments with greater precision and efficiency. We provide high quality products and professional service so that you can focus on your research and scientific achievements.

See for yourself why our Erlenmeyer flasks are the choice of many researchers and scientists. Discover their versatile applications and use them in your laboratory work. And if you have any questions, please contact our staff. They will be happy to answer your concerns. You are welcome.