Glass chambers for cell culture – the perfect environment for cell growth and research rical

As one of the largest online stores selling laboratory accessories and equipment, we make sure that our offer is wide. We want to provide our customers with quick and hassle-free access to items that can help in conducting scientific research. We make sure that all necessary products are immediately available at a favorable price. All this means that the items presented in the store include glass cell culture chambers. They are an irreplaceable tool in laboratories dealing with cell research. Thanks to them, it is possible to create controlled and optimal conditions for cell growth and research. At the same time, providing them with an appropriate environment for proper functioning.

Cell culture chambers available at GenoPlast – get the highest quality accessories at competitive prices

Our range of glass cell culture chambers includes high-quality products designed for precision, durability and comfort of use. The presented chambers are made of the highest quality laboratory glass, which ensures optimal transparency, reliability and ease of cleaning. Their careful workmanship and precise finishing make them not only functional, but also aesthetic. The remaining elements are also made of the highest quality materials. For example, the chamber is made of PS and the handle is made of PP. The color of the chamber is transparent, and the flap with which the sterile chambers are equipped is easy to open and close. This increases the efficiency of your work and increases the pleasure of doing it. No chemical adhesives are used in the production of the chambers. These are non-cytotoxic and non-pyrogenic items. Free from DNase, RNase and human DNA. And the sterilization level is EO. Thanks to their design, the chambers can be used as incubation stands.

Use of glass chambers for cell culture

What can the chambers in this category be used for? Presented products from one of the renowned manufacturers – Biologix Group Limited – you can be sure that you are choosing professional laboratory equipment. It is used, among others, in virological and immunocytological tests. Glass cell culture chambers enable control of parameters such as temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration and nutrient availability. Thanks to this, you can precisely adjust the culture conditions to the requirements of specific cells, providing them with optimal conditions for growth, division and differentiation. These chambers also provide protection of cells against external factors, such as microbiological contaminants.