Nest Scientific Biotechnology non-treated cell culture bottles

As a store selling laboratory equipment and accessories, we focus on precision and reliability in the field of cell culture. The non-treated cell culture bottles available in our assortment were created for professional scientific institutions that require extreme detail. Trust our products and discover how to conduct cell culture conveniently and effectively. As leaders on the e-commerce market, we offer non-treated culture bottles, which are an ideal choice for the most demanding laboratory technicians. Our products are characterized by high quality and durability. Choose our bottles and focus on your research, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our bottle proposals are a combination of innovation and reliability. We offer non-treated cell culture bottles of various capacities. Starting from 50 ml, through 250 ml and 750 ml up to 950 ml. These are vessels produced by the well-known and respected brand Nest Scientific Biotechnology. The working volume of the bottle, depending on the capacity, of course changes. This means that you can choose vessels with the smallest working capacity of 5-7.5 ml and the largest of 45-67.5 ml. Which capacity you choose depends on your individual needs.

High quality bottles for cell culture not modified in GenoPlast

The bottles we recommend are made of polystyrene, which is characterized by excellent durability. Made of high-quality material, they provide optimal culture conditions, minimizing the risk of contamination and cell loss. Thanks to this, your research will be even more reliable. Depending on the customer’s needs and expectations, they are available in collective packages of 200, 100, 40 or 25 pieces. These are fully sterile vessels that meet even the most stringent requirements. Therefore, it is possible to use them directly after removing them from the packaging. Non-treated cell culture bottles are equipped with different caps. You can choose between a cap with a filter and a Plug Seal. offering much better tightness thanks to the use of double threading. These types of caps are also easy to open and close. They are chemically resistant and biologically inert. The variety of choices means that everyone, even the most demanding customer, will find what they need. These vessels are a perfect solution for professional laboratory technicians who are looking for high-quality accessories for cell culture. Our bottles for non-treated cell culture are an irreplaceable tool for specialists in the biotechnology industry. Thanks to their precise design and excellent properties, they provide stable and undisturbed cell culture conditions.

Non-treated cell culture bottles – guarantee of safe and easy use

We realize that accuracy and repeatability of results are key aspects in various types of research. Therefore, the non-treated cell culture bottles we recommend are designed to ensure optimal conditions for cell growth and reproduction. We offer reliable tools to help you achieve success. Sterile bottles for cell culture are made of high-quality materials free from surfactants. This means that the use of non-treated cell culture bottles reduces the risk of interactions between the surface of the vessel and the cells located in it. The bottles we recommend are characterized by strength and durability. Thanks to this, the cell samples contained in them are safe, both during storage and transport. The properly profiled design of the object makes mixing easier. And also to reduce possible sample losses. Bottles are available in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet a variety of laboratory needs. We cordially invite you to take advantage of our offer.