Cell scrapers – basic equipment for laboratories and scientific facilities around the world

The need to work with biological materials of various types, and in particular with cellular structures, requires appropriate laboratory equipment. The equipment should include the highest quality devices, enabling strict compliance with procedures. And also those that guarantee repeatability of results. Accessories that improve and facilitate work are also necessary. Without them, even high-quality laboratory equipment would not be able to function properly. Among the mentioned accessories, of course, there were high-quality cell scrapers. These are small items with very good durability. Therefore, we are sure that they will meet the expectations of even the most demanding laboratory technicians.

Use of cell scrapers

Scrapers were created for professional collection of cells, characterized by minimizing the risk of cell damage. However, remember that cell scrapers are not only an effective tool for detaching cells. These are also important elements in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the laboratory. They can be easily disinfected and cleaned to ensure safe working conditions and avoid potential contamination.

Which cell scrapers should you choose? A wide range of products in the GenoPlast

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Cell scrapers have been designed for comfort and efficiency of use. Their ergonomic shapes and profiled blades enable precise and controlled removal of cells from the surface. They are made of high-quality materials, making them durable and resistant to chemical agents. The offer available in our store includes various models and sizes of scrapers. All this so that you can properly adjust your choice to different types of breeding surfaces. Single-sided and double-sided scrapers are available. There were also scrapers with replaceable blades. These types of accessories enable the tool to be tailored to the user’s specific needs and preferences. And this, in turn, allows for effective work, which will undoubtedly contribute to achieving better results.

Cell scrapers – reliable tools for precisely removing cells from the surface of culture vessels

The GenoPlast store’s assortment includes, among others, individually packed cell scrapers. This means that they are clean and properly protected against dust, dust and other types of contaminants. Equipped with a non-slip handle that allows for a firm grip even when your hands are wet, they are perfect for easily and quickly collecting or removing cells from vessels such as bottles and dishes. The blades of the scrapers we offer are most often made of PE, i.e. polyethylene. This is a material characterized by, among others: very low abrasion, low density and exceptional electrical insulating properties. It has high chemical resistance and very, very low water absorption. The scrapers can be used with one hand.

Choose high-quality products that meet the standards of scientific institutions

The cell scrapers we recommend are available at competitive prices, without compromising on quality. We offer products from renowned manufacturers that meet the highest standards of safety and precision. As part of our comprehensive services, we also ensure quick order fulfillment. We don’t want you to have to wait long for the products you order from us. Our team of specialists provides professional advice and technical support. We want to help you choose the right scrapers, so please feel free to contact our employees if you have any questions. And also to familiarize yourself with our rich offer in detail. Thanks to this, you will discover tools that will facilitate your work in the laboratory and enable effective detachment of cells for further research and analysis. The GenoPlast store invites you to take advantage of the offer.