Sterile cryoprobes – products that make lab work easier

Cryoprobes are specialized laboratory vessels used to store samples at very low temperatures. Most often, the minimum temperatures at which they can be used are -80°C for freezer and -196°C for liquid nitrogen storage. They are indispensable in many scientific fields, such as molecular biology, genetics, biotechnology, medicine and many others. Cryoprobes are made of high-quality plastic or polypropylene. That is, from materials that have excellent resistance to low temperatures. This ensures safe storage of samples. These types of laboratory vessels have special closures that ensure airtightness. Thus minimizing the risk of evaporation or contamination of samples.

Wide range of cryoprobes available at GenoPlast

These specialized vessels are available in various capacities. You can choose from 1.5 ml, 2 ml, 5 ml, among others. This gives you the ability to store different amounts of samples. Cryoprobes often have special volumetric markings, making it easier to accurately dispense and identify samples. Some models also have labels on the sides. You can write on them or stick labels on them, so finding the right tube will only take a few seconds. It will significantly improve the efficiency of your work. At the same time, it will become more pleasant and less stressful.

The cryoprobes we recommend are resistant to chemicals. They can store enzymes, cells and tissues. And also genetic material and other types of substances that are used in laboratories. Thanks to their high-quality material, they also show excellent insulation properties. They help maintain a stable temperature inside the tube, protecting stored samples from loss of quality.

Unique cryoprobe designs – everything you need you have in one place

The cryoprobes we present in the described category are designed for comfortable use and easy manipulation. They have convenient handles that make it easy to carry and put samples in the freezer. Many cryoprobe models are also compatible with various automated sample storage systems. And this increases their functionality and versatility.

Cryoprobes at GenoPlast store – high quality, favorable prices and fast order processing

In our store we offer cryoprobes from reputable manufacturers. These vessels meet the highest standards of quality and safety. You can rest assured that our cryoprobes will be reliable and effectively protect the samples taken from loss of quality in harsh low temperature conditions. Choose our products and ensure safe and efficient storage of materials. Do you have questions? Our team is ready to assist and provide additional information on laboratory accessories.

The products available in GenoPlast’s online store are characterized by excellent value for money. Made of high-quality materials, they ensure the safety of the tests performed. Airtight caps help minimize the risk of contaminating samples. At the same time, thanks to a special design, it is possible to open them using only one hand. Among the proposals are cryoprobes that have a star-shaped base. Thus, it is not necessary to use a stand to make them stand. As you can see, in the offer of our store you will find everything you may need.

In addition to high quality and competitive prices, by using our store you are also assured of fast order processing. We are well aware that cryoprobes are an indispensable part of laboratory equipment, so they must not be missing. When shipping your order, we take special care to protect the dishes so that they reach you intact.