PCR and RT-qPCR plates – necessary accessories in every scientific facility

What is RT-qPCR? This is a real-time PCR test. Or, as indicated by the letter “q”, which stands for quantitative PCR, i.e. quantitative PCR, which allows determining the amount of a given sequence in a sample using fluorescence measurements. Awareness of how important it is to carry out this type of research in laboratories and various types of scientific institutions made us decide to include in our offer products and accessories that will facilitate the work. High-quality products are available immediately and are characterized by a very good value for money. Among the proposals worth keeping in mind are RT-qPCR plates and PCR plates.

High-quality PCR and RT-qPCR plates – choose products from well-known and respected brands

The RT-qPCR and PCR plates available in our store are irreplaceable tools in laboratories. They are used, among others, to perform reverse transcription (RT) and quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR). And also PCR tests. In order to improve and facilitate your work, the boards we recommend have been designed to ensure maximum efficiency and precision of your research. What else stands out about the products that we recommend to you with full responsibility?

First of all, they offer high quality and reliability. This makes it possible to obtain accurate and repeatable results. The presented plates are made of modern, high-quality materials that minimize sample losses and ensure optimal thermal conditions. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your results will be reliable.

What types of RT-qPCR and PCR plates can be found in the GenoPlast offer?

Our PCR and RT-qPCR plates are available in various configurations. This allows you to conduct experiments on various scales. No matter the size of your project, you will find the right products to meet your needs. The PCR and RT-qPCR plates we recommend are optimized for efficient heat flow. Thanks to this, the temperature is distributed evenly over each well. This means, among other things, eliminating thermal errors that could have a negative impact on the effects. This in turn contributes to more precise and reliable results. It is also worth mentioning the transparent walls of the plates, which significantly facilitate the observation of the reaction. This allows you to constantly monitor the progress of your research.

RT-qPCR and PCR plates matching the equipment used in the laboratory

When assembling the assortment, we always try to ensure that the products included in it are as functional as possible. We make sure that the RT-qPCR and PCR plates presented in the described category are compatible with various thermal cycler systems. Why? The reason is very simple. Thanks to this, you gain flexibility and complete comfort in laboratory work. You are free to use our boards in conjunction with your equipment. This also has to do with reducing costs. Using our proposals also means minimal risk of sample contamination and resulting distortions in the results. You can be sure that your research will be clean and reliable.

Choose RT-qPCR and PCR plates at a favorable price and with fast delivery

The presented RT-qPCR and PCR plates are used in genetics, medical diagnostics, biotechnology and many other fields. They are an indispensable tool for every researcher and scientist. Thanks to this, they are used by laboratories all over the world.

Why is it worth choosing the offers available in our store? By choosing the recommended PCR and RT-qPCR plates, you choose quality, precision and reliability. This way, you will join the group of satisfied customers who rely on our products when conducting their research. We provide not only high-quality laboratory products at favorable prices, but also professional service. We care about the comprehensiveness of the services we provide, so we are sure that you will be satisfied with cooperation with us.