RT-qPCR and PCR tubes – essential accessories with a wide range of applications

Laboratories and scientific facilities are places that should be equipped with the best equipment. However, it is not only large equipment that matters. Surprisingly, all kinds of accessories that support research are also important. One of these types of products are test tubes. These small containers are used to carry out chemical reactions using relatively small amounts of substances. Test tubes are also used to store liquid and solid chemicals. And that’s not all. Thanks to their unique properties, they can also be used to mix and heat the collected samples inside. Among the wide range of test tubes available on the market and in the GenoPlast store offer, you will find, for example, RT-qPCR test tubes and PCR test tubes.

Our RT-qPCR and PCR tubes are essential tools for professionals working in laboratories who deal with, among others: analysis of gene expression and identification of pathogens, as well as examination of quantitative changes in gene expression. Our test tubes are designed to ensure the highest quality and precision of the results obtained. At the same time, making laboratory work as easy as possible.

The most important features of RT-qPCR and PCR tubes

Each RT-qPCR tube and PCR tube that you will find in our assortment has been carefully manufactured. High-quality plastics that are resistant to high temperatures were used. Moreover, this high-quality material does not react with the chemical components of the samples. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the samples are safe and will not be contaminated during the research process. And this is not the end of the advantages of the test tubes we present. These vessels are resistant to mechanical damage, which guarantees their durability and reliability.

RT-qPCR and PCR tubes from GenoPlast – quality at a favorable price

We offer a wide selection of RT-qPCR tubes and PCR tubes. These containers differ not only in capacity, but also in comfort of use. Test tubes are available in various sizes. This allows us to meet the individual needs of the research we conduct. As we have already mentioned, test tubes may also differ in their type of closure. You can choose test tubes with caps, stoppers or special covers that ensure tightness and minimize the risk of contamination.

Our PCR and RT-qPCR tubes are designed for maximum efficiency and precision. They have special optical properties that minimize light loss and ensure optimal fluorescence emission. This translates, for example, into the accuracy of measurements. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that our test tubes are convenient and easy to use, which speeds up the work.

High-quality PCR and RT-qPCR tubes and professional service – we care about the comprehensiveness of the services offered

Where does the high quality of the RT-qPCR tubes and PCR tubes we offer come from? Among other things, from regularly conducted, extremely rigorous quality tests. They are carried out to ensure reliability in the use of test tubes and repeatability of results. The products we recommend are compatible with most popular RT-qPCR devices and systems. This should make integration with existing lab equipment much less cumbersome.

By choosing our PCR and RT-qPCR tubes, you receive not only the highest quality products. By establishing cooperation with us, you also gain the support of an experienced team who is ready to answer your questions and provide you with professional advice. Give yourself and your research an advantage by choosing our PCR tubes or RT-qPCR tubes – reliable tools that will help you achieve excellent results in your scientific work. We are sure that you will also be delighted with the prices we can offer you and the quick execution of your order. As we have already mentioned, we always make sure to provide our customers – even the most demanding ones – with the highest level of service and the highest quality products.