Automatic pipettes – precision and efficiency in liquid manipulation

Automatic pipettes are an indispensable tool in laboratories and scientific institutions. It can be said that they will be perfect wherever precise and repeatable pipetting of various types of liquids is required. Automatic pipettes allow for quick and accurate dosing of samples, reagents and solvents. This greatly facilitates research, diagnostic tests and other laboratory procedures. If you are looking for durable, precise automatic pipettes, you have come to the right place. You will find them in our offer at very favorable prices.

Why is it worth using high-quality automatic pipettes?

By using automatic pipettors, you can achieve significant time savings. In this way, you can also contribute to increasing the efficiency of your work, which will allow you to conduct more research. With these types of pipettes’ automatic functions, you avoid the errors and ambiguities that result from manual pipetting. This translates directly into the repeatability and reliability of the results.

What automatic pipettes can you find in the GenoPlast store?

Our proposals included the MicroPette Plus automatic multi-channel pipettes manufactured by the Biologix brand. This is high-class laboratory equipment that is characterized primarily by a modern and ergonomic appearance. The use of this combination makes the products in the described category not only functional, but also precisely made. This, in turn, has a direct impact on the aesthetics of the product. The automatic pipettes that we are pleased to recommend are characterized by an excellent design, made of high-quality materials. Thanks to this, the products are characterized by reliability and durability, even in the case of not always favorable working conditions.

The automatic pipettors we recommend are equipped with advanced functions. They ensure maximum precision and comfort of use. They have volume regulation enabling precise adjustment of the dosed amount of liquid to the requirements specified in the research protocols. Additionally, pipettes are equipped with ergonomic handles that ensure comfort and stability during manipulation. It is also worth mentioning the well-shaped keys that ensure comfort even after many hours of use. Automatic pipettes are products that can be easily replaced. Moreover, these products are easy to keep clean. This is extremely important in a laboratory environment because it minimizes the risk of sample contamination.

Automatic pipettes meeting all norms and standards at GenoPlast

The multi-channel automatic pipettes available in the online store are equipped with a clear display enabling quick and easy reading of the values. These are light items with an ergonomic shape. Thanks to high-quality materials and excellent workmanship, they are durable. In turn, the possibility of cleaning in autoclaves makes them easy to keep clean. Automatic pipettes are easy to use. You can do this with just one hand. In an effort to provide customers with the highest quality products, these pipettes are calibrated in accordance with ISO8655. Moreover, the set includes an individual control certificate for the Biologix multi-channel and single-channel pipette.

Choose automatic pipettes from our wide range and use advanced technology

We offer automatic pipettes from renowned manufacturers. They guarantee high quality and reliability. We make sure that our offer includes the latest technologies and innovative solutions. Those that meet the expectations of even the most demanding laboratories. So we are sure that you will find what you need here. And if you have a problem with this, we invite you to contact our employees. Professional service includes not only quick order fulfillment, but also assistance in choosing the right accessories. Choose from our automatic pipettors and enjoy precision, comfort and efficiency in liquid manipulation. We provide professional tools that will improve work in scientific institutions. At the same time, they contribute to achieving excellent results.