Pipette tips

Discover precision and accuracy with the highest quality pipette tips! Pipette tips are essential laboratory materials for all research work requiring precise measurement of small amounts of liquid. Pipette tips are available in loose bags, in racks or boxes, replaceable trays and replaceable inserts. Additionally, they can be stored and sterilized, i.e. autoclaved, in tip boxes. Depending on your needs, you can choose sterile or non-sterile tips.

Sterile or non-sterile pipette tips

Sterile pipette tips are your one-stop solution for all your laboratory work and pipetting tasks! These tips are designed for maximum microbiological purity, making them ideal for PCR, molecular biology and microbiology techniques. We offer a range of different tips to meet all your needs, including standard filter tips, non-filter tips and Low Retention pipette tips for working with problematic liquids. Make sure you are always prepared for each lab task and use the correct pipette tips.

Pipette tips without filter

Filterless pipette tips are the ideal choice for any general experimentation that requires the precise measurement of small volumes of liquid. With our filterless tips, you can be sure that your pipette is safe from accidental contamination. See for yourself the accuracy and convenience of our pipette tips today!

Filter pipette tips

This is the highest comfort and safety in the laboratory. They have a built-in hydrophobic filter that prevents the formation of aerosols, protecting the inside of the pipette from contamination and cross-contamination. Perfect for radioisotope and PCR work, these filtered pipette tips ensure a safe, clean environment so you can focus on the important things. Enjoy the best safety and comfort in the laboratory with our filter pipette tips.

Low Retention Pipette Tips

Low Retention tips are tips with low adhesion. They have a smooth, hydrophobic surface that ensures repeatable results when pipetting liquids with low surface tension, such as detergents. Thanks to low adhesion, you can rely on these tips to retain almost no liquid on their surface, making them an indispensable tool for DNA and RNA isolation, PCR, RT-PCR, SDS-PAGE, DNA sequencing and more. Upgrade your lab with the best low retention pipette tips we offer today!