Pipette tips with filter – essential equipment for every laboratory

Why is it important to ensure that research facilities are properly equipped? There are many reasons, and certainly one of them is the need and desire to learn about the world and human nature. We want to know better and better not only our bodies, but also the planet we live on. There is absolutely nothing strange about this, which is why GenoPlast is an online store that offers a wide range of devices, equipment and accessories that will be used in the laboratory. All of them are necessary for it to function properly. This means that it could not miss pipette tips, which are small in size but extremely important in the research process. In this category we present tips with a filter. They are an indispensable tool for professionals in biology, chemistry and biotechnology who perform precise measurements. The main advantage of these accessories is multifunctionality. They are perfect for both simple and more difficult tests, e.g. bacteriology. Available high-quality tips enable accurate and trouble-free dosing of liquids. They provide not only comfort and precision, but also protection against potential contamination and contamination.

What are pipette tips equipped with a filter made of?

Each pipette tip we offer has been carefully designed using the latest technologies. This type of accessories available in the GenoPlast store are most often made of high-quality polypropylene. Thanks to this, they are characterized by maximum sterility. It is also worth mentioning that the filter in the tip protects against the penetration of liquids or particles into the pipette, which minimizes the risk of sample contamination and ensures clean results. Additionally, the filter prevents damage to the pipette by retaining possible impurities. Such as floating particles or sediments, among others. Another advantage of filter pipette tips that should be mentioned is the ergonomic shape of the tip. Performing the same activity many times in a row may cause discomfort. Fortunately, appropriate profiling not only allows for more precise dosing of liquids, it also contributes to more comfortable use of pipettes.

Availability of pipette tips with filter in GenoPlast

Our filter pipette tips are available in various sizes and capacities. All this to meet individual research needs. They have a precisely profiled cone that ensures a perfect fit to the pipettes, thus guaranteeing tightness and precise sample dosing. Additionally, our tips are easy to assemble and disassemble, which speeds up the laboratory work process.

Pipette tips with filter from GenoPlast – sterility guarantee

The use of our filter pipette tips allows you to achieve the highest quality results. The high quality of materials used in production is synonymous with, among others: with impressive durability. Thanks to this, they have very good resistance to detergents and solvents. Universal tips will be compatible with pipettes from brands such as Socorex, Biohit, Finnpipette, Biologix, Thermo, Labsystems, Biotix, CAPP. We are sure that everyone will find what they need. Especially since there is also a wide selection of capacities – 10ul LONG, 20ul, 100ul, 200ul, 1000ul, 1250ul. Pipette tips with filters are characterized by high protection against cross-contamination and a very high level of clarity. The tips are completely safe – free of heavy metals. They are also compliant with USP/FDA standards.

By choosing our filter pipette tips, you receive not only a high-quality product, but also the support of an experienced team that provides help and professional advice. Want to get an edge in your research and sample manipulation? Use our filter pipette tips. They ensure reliability, precision and protection against contamination.

Low Retention Filter Pipette Tips – Are these a good choice for your research?

Low Retention filter pipette tips are designed to minimize adhesion and sample loss during pipetting. They reduce fluid retention on the internal surfaces of the tips, which helps provide more accurate results and reduces the risk of samples being contaminated by debris from previous pipetting. They are particularly useful when working with small sample volumes and when pipetting low-viscosity substances.
Deciding whether Low Retention Filter Pipette Tips are a good choice for your laboratory depends on many factors, such as the type of research, methods used, types of samples used, and budget. Before making a decision, it is worth conducting market research, consulting with experts or laboratory equipment suppliers to find out whether these tips meet the needs and requirements of your laboratory.

It is important to select laboratory equipment to the highest quality standards to ensure accuracy, repeatability and reliability of test results.