Pipette tips without filter – various capacities available at GenoPlast

GenoPlast is an online store offering high-quality laboratory equipment and accessories. All this to make the everyday work of laboratory technicians easier. The proposals included professional pipette tips with various capacities – 10ul, 200ul, 300ul, 1000ul. Accessories of this type presented in the described category are professional solutions that meet the expectations of even the most demanding researchers and scientists. Made of the highest quality materials, they are designed for precise and hygienic transfer of fluids. They ensure reliability and efficiency. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the tips are characterized by very good durability.

What brands will the pipette tips without filter available at GenoPlast fit?

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits resulting from the use of the recommended tips, it is also worth mentioning that their indisputable advantage is, among others: Compatible with many different and professional brands. Among others, such as Brand, HTL, Omnitip, CAPP, Axygen, Acumax, Finnpipette, Eppendorf, Gilson, Biotix, Biologix, Thermo, Labsystems, Socorex and Biohit. So it’s a versatile solution. What else distinguishes the filterless pipette tips that we recommend to our customers? First of all, they are available in various sizes and volumes. Also noteworthy is the high clarity and tightness of the pipette. And also their ergonomic shape, which ensures comfortable holding and precise operations, even after long-term use. Appropriate quality materials used to produce pipettes ensure resistance to organic solvents.

High-quality pipette tips without filter – they meet all standards

Pipette tips are easy to use. Thanks to precise assembly, they ensure a safe and tight connection with the pipette. At the same time, they eliminate the risk of leaks and thus sample loss. The fact that the pipettes we present meet all standards means that you can be sure that your experiments are conducted in controlled conditions. We make sure that even the most demanding customers find what they need when taking advantage of the offer available in the store. Therefore, pipette tips without a filter have very good resistance to cross-contamination. They are available in two versions – in a bag as non-sterile tips and in a tripod version, where they are fully sterile. They are free from DNase, RNase and human DNA. Which one will you choose? It all depends on what you need them for. If you have problems choosing, you can contact the GenoPlast store employees. We invite you.

Why choose filterless pipette tips from GenoPlast?

The performance and reliability of our filterless pipette tips have been confirmed in numerous quality tests. They ensure precise and repeatable measurements. They minimize the risk of errors and ensure the reliability of results. Although it may seem that you have heard about it somewhere, remember that the laboratory accessories we present are of the highest quality. They meet all necessary standards and we are happy to boast that using our pipette tips without a filter and other tools is a perfect solution.

Check what pipette tips without a filter are used for

Choose high-quality pipette tips without a filter, which are irreplaceable in laboratory work. Thanks to their precision and reliability, you will be able to focus on your research and achieve excellent results. Their primary task is to collect and measure small volumes of liquid with extreme accuracy. Pipette tips without a filter available at GenoPlast are also suitable for in vitro diagnostics. This means that they comply with Regulation 2017/746.

Therefore, it is worth using high-quality accessories of excellent quality. Thanks to pipette tips, your work in the laboratory can become more enjoyable and efficient.