Troughs for multi-channel pipettes – excellent quality in a simple product

Rinsing troughs are specialized tools used in laboratories to thoroughly rinse samples or reaction systems. They are essential equipment used in many fields of science. Among others, such as molecular biology, biotechnology, analytical chemistry and many others. The GenoPlast store offers troughs for multi-channel pipettes. The available proposals meet strict sanitary standards and appropriate standards. They are provided with appropriate certificates. They ensure the required sterility and excellent conditions for research processes. They are made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and resistance to chemicals. Their ergonomic shape and comfortable handles enable precise and controlled sample rinsing.
Troughs for multi-channel pipettes are also called rinsing containers. These are vessels that facilitate daily serial pipetting, especially in the case of 8 or 12 channel pipettes. Rinse trays are designed to make dispensing and removing reagents extremely easy and efficient. A precise stream of specialized fluid helps to effectively remove impurities or reagent residues, thus ensuring the purity of samples. The use of gutters minimizes the risk of fluid loss.

Troughs for multi-channel pipette in several versions

The rinsing troughs presented in the described category are not only functional, but also hygienic. They can be easily disinfected and kept clean, which is important for ensuring safe laboratory conditions. Additionally, their appropriate design allows easy control of the rinsing process and observation of samples. To provide you with a choice, our assortment includes rinsing troughs for multi-channel pipettes in sterile and non-sterile versions. They can be packed individually or in larger collective packaging. Thanks to this, you can adjust the number of purchased pieces to your individual needs. Some of the recommended gutters have convenient divisions on the inner walls. They allow you to estimate the amount of liquid remaining in the sink. The store’s offer includes gutters with transparent or opaque walls. It all depends on what the client needs. Regardless of which version you choose, you are investing in high quality, precision and comfort. Thorough rinsing eliminates the risk of contamination and thus increases the chances of obtaining reliable test results.

Multichannel pipette troughs and specific applications

Multichannel pipette troughs are extremely useful tools in laboratories. They ensure a clean and safe working environment when handling materials sensitive to contamination. The troughs have been designed for precision, reliability and protection of samples against external factors. The multi-channel rinsing troughs that we present in the described category are intended for multi-channel pipettes. Why is this happening? Mainly because they have a larger number of separate chambers. These reagent containers are very useful. Especially when several reagents need to be measured simultaneously with the same pipette at the same time. Dividing the rinsing tank into several channels simplifies and speeds up laboratory work. This makes measuring or dosing very convenient and consistent with the assumptions. The solid construction of the gutters ensures stability and durability.

Advantages of plastic troughs for rinsing multi-channel pipettes

  • Highly transparent, damage-resistant and easy to use containers
  • They come in sterile and non-sterile forms
  • Suitable for various types of multi-channel pipettes
  • They have practical divisions on the internal walls
  • Made of pure polystyrene, white or colored
  • They have a collection spout at the bottom that minimizes reagent loss
  • Stable thanks to reinforced side walls and widened bottom part
  • Guaranteed high reliability during use.