Serological pipettes, high-quality laboratory instruments available in the GenoPlast store

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our range of serological pipettes. That is, reliable tools used in scientific institutions around the world.

Serological pipettes are indispensable tools in the laboratory. They are used for safe and precise dosing and transfer of various types of liquids. Serological pipettes available in the GenoPlast store are distinguished by high quality, as well as reliability and accuracy during everyday laboratory work. Depending on your needs, you can choose different capacities. Our proposals include pipettes from 1 ml to 100 ml. This type of droppers are made of durable, high-purity material, i.e. crystal clear polystyrene. Each serological pipette has a black, legible scale that facilitates measuring and dispensing liquids. For a larger working volume, all serological pipettes also have a negative graduation. The printed negative scale increases the possible pipetting volume. So there is no need to use another larger dropper. Accurate measuring process can be done with the one you are currently using. As if that were not enough, the excellent quality of materials and measurement precision allow for accurate and repeatable measurements.

Plastic serological pipettes – accessories with a unique number of applications

What are plastic serological pipettes? First of all, resistant to chemicals, thanks to the use of high-quality materials in production. The pipettes we recommend are compatible with all popular pipettors. And also with other popular pipetting aids. Thanks to this, you can use accessories that are convenient for you. Where can the plastic serological pipettes presented at GenoPlast be used? They are ideal for sterile cell cultures and tissue cultures. Therefore, they are widely used in bacterial cultivation. They are also used in clinical and scientific research and in various fields of biology.
Serological ipets and their most important advantages

  • Accuracy > ±2%
  • 100% pure USP Class VI polystyrene for maximum transparency
  • Increasing and decreasing scale for more application areas
  • Bi-directional pitch line and negative pitch line, providing a variety of quantitative removal operations
  • Made from non-cytotoxic, non-hemolytic, non-pyrogenic material
  • Colored rings at the top of the pipettes for easy identification of capacity
  • Tips to prevent dripping and ensure greater pipetting precision
  • Sterility guarantee level SAL 10-6

Serological pipettes for good pipetting with long-term use

Plastic serological pipettes are the ideal solution for all liquid-related work in the laboratory. They have been designed with precision and accuracy in mind. And also comfort of use. After all, spending several or a dozen hours a day pipetting can be burdensome. Even if the job you do is the job of your dreams. That’s why serological pipettes from GenoPlast have an ergonomic shape and provide a comfortable grip. Thanks to this, they guarantee a comfortable and secure hold. In order to make the work of laboratory technicians as easy as possible, we have introduced accessories to our assortment that are easy to use – they enable quick filling and emptying. The use of high-quality polystyrene in production ensures maximum transparency. And the increasing and decreasing scale allows for quick reading of the volume. This applies to both suction and dispensing of liquids. In addition, the negative pitch provides increased volumetric capacity. This guarantees greater flexibility in various applications. Pipettes of this type are equipped with a filter cap. The offered plastic serological pipettes guarantee the highest quality and cost savings.
By choosing our serological pipettes, you invest in quality and reliability. These are products that are irreplaceable in everyday laboratory work. They enable precise and repeatable measurements and dosing. Be sure that your research will be conducted in a controlled manner and the results will be reliable and reliable. Choose plastic serological pipettes. Thanks to their accuracy and reliability, you will be able to focus on your research and achieve excellent results.