Laboratory centrifuge – choose the highest quality accessories

When choosing a laboratory centrifuge, we focus on the highest quality accessories that are indispensable in every professional laboratory. A laboratory centrifuge is a key device for effectively separating mixture components of different densities thanks to the use of centrifugal force. The offer includes various types of laboratory centrifuges, including refrigerated laboratory centrifuges, tabletop laboratory centrifuges, as well as laboratory centrifuges intended for specific applications, like centrifuging test tubes.

Professional laboratory centrifuges are characterized by high precision of operation, which is necessary to obtain reliable research results. Thanks to advanced functions and the ability to adjust the speed and centrifugation time, the laboratory centrifuge allows you to adapt the process to the individual needs of the user. The laboratory centrifuge is intuitive to operate, which significantly affects the efficiency of work in the laboratory.