Reaction tubes made of high-quality, non-toxic polypropylene

Where can you find diverse and high-quality products recommended for research, experiments and other laboratory applications? The GenoPlast professional store provides carefully crafted laboratory accessories that are distinguished by excellent durability and resistance to damage. Which in turn extends the life of these products. What equipment can you find in our store’s wide range? The offers include reaction tubes of various sizes and capacities. Manufactured from medical-quality PP, they meet all necessary standards.

Advantages of reaction tubes – why is it worth choosing these models available at GenoPlast?

In order to make work easier and more efficient, reaction tubes are often equipped with a matte field that can be used, for example, for description. It is located on the lid, which means that even after placing the test tube in a box or in a centrifuge, it is known what is inside it. Thanks to this, you save time and your work becomes more efficient. Although this is an advantage that is certainly worth appreciating, it is still one of the numerous benefits you gain by using the reaction tubes available in our offer. The structure of these small vessels allows for easy and quick closing and opening. It is also worth mentioning the unusual, flat design that allows for precise adjustment. What exactly does this mean? Among other things, the risk of sample evaporation during the thermal cycle is almost eliminated to zero. Another great advantage of reaction tubes is the uniform and thin width of the walls. This enables precise heat transfer. By using reaction tubes available in our offer, you are guaranteed precise measurements and safe storage of samples. We invite you to take advantage of our extensive offer, where you will find test tubes at very favorable prices.

The use of reaction tubes – an essential accessory in every laboratory

Our recreational tubes are designed with safety and comfort of use in mind. Equipped with tight closures, they guarantee protection against leaks. Additionally, some of the recommended test tubes have volume markings that facilitate precise dosing and measurement. The reaction tubes included in the assortment of the GenoPlast online store were made
made of transparent polypropylene, which allows easy monitoring of the contents. And also the observation of chemical reactions. The material from which the test tubes are made allows for proper collection of cells while maintaining optimal conditions necessary to perform this type of activity. Sterile reaction tubes are also useful for separating biomacromolecules by centrifugation.

A wide selection of reaction tubes that meet all necessary standards

Each product we offer to our customers has been carefully selected and meets the highest quality standards. The range includes recreational test tubes from renowned manufacturers, which ensures their reliability and accuracy. Their presence is essential in the biochemistry industry and related fields. Therefore, we make sure that the accessories we recommend meet all the necessary parameters. Top-class PP reaction tubes feature very good protection against cross-contamination. The temperature at which the test tubes can be used is 121 degrees Celsius. Reaction tubes available at GenoPlast make work easier. They can be used in laboratories and infertility treatment clinics – they are suitable for in vitro diagnostics. They are compliant with Regulation 2017/746.
Along with a wide selection of recreational tubes, we provide professional customer service and fast delivery. Our expert team will help you choose the right test tubes for your needs and provide you with all the necessary information. We believe in the quality, reliability and innovation of our products, which are designed to make your work in the laboratory easier. That is why we wholeheartedly encourage you to take advantage of our offer.