Conditions of delivery

The buyer chooses the method of delivery after adding the goods to the cart, before final placing the order.

Immediately after confirming the order, we begin its implementation.

When will the ordered goods reach the recipient?

The processing time of each order depends on several factors.

In order for the shipment to reach the recipient, we need time to prepare it for shipment (picking and packing), as well as the time needed by the courier company to deliver it.

We make every effort to ensure that parcels leave our warehouse within 48 hours from the moment the payment is credited to our account in the case of prepaid orders and orders with the option of deferred or on-time payment.

However, there are unusual situations that cause delays in express delivery of goods. The customer is notified immediately of each such case by e-mail or telephone.


Paczki na terenie kraju dostarczane są przez firmę kurierską w ciągu do 7 dni roboczych.

Na terenie Polski koszt przesyłki wynosi 25zł netto. Zamówienia od kwoty 1000 zł netto są wysyłane za darmo. Firma kurierska, z którą współpracujemy to GLS dla mniejszych paczek oraz Raben i Poczta Polska dla wysyłek paletowych.

Packages are delivered by a courier company within 14 business days.

The shipping cost is €15. Orders over €299 are shipped for free. The courier company we cooperate with is GLS for smaller parcels and Raben.