CryoKING Scanner – 3.0


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CryoKING Biologix Group Limited Scanner

CryoKING Scanner Biologix Group Limited, which specializes in cryogenic product line, including cryogenic vials of different volumes, universal cryogenic boxes, various customized types of freezer racks, 2D barcode scanners, as well as Biobank management software, which is absolutely the entire complete range of products in this field.

The CryoKING brand stands for high-quality patents for storage, archiving, freezing and transport. The whole new product line of CryoKING brand has the characteristics of professional design, advanced concept, safety and high performance, has reached the international advanced level in standardization, routinization and digitization. CryoKING is certainly an excellent solution for managing the construction of the Biobank database.

CryoKING – professionalism in your laboratory

Biologix has a professional life science, automation and software development team to offer a safe, professional and scientific biobank building plan. The design of biobanks is carried out in accordance with international standards.

Working in a laboratory requires efficiency and time savings. Our scanner enables fast and precise analysis, so you can concentrate on the important aspects of your research. Automated features and advanced software make it even easier to achieve results.