Erlenmeyer flasks large, high efficiency, with septum


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Large Erlenmeyer Flasks with septum: The Perfect Tool for Your Experiments!

Versatility of Design

Our large baffled Erlenmeyer flasks are designed for maximum versatility in the laboratory. Each flask has an innovatively designed septum that allows different reactions to be carried out simultaneously in a single vessel. You no longer need to use several separate flasks – our products will save you time and increase the efficiency of your experiments.

Precision and Safety – Large Erlenmeyer flasks with baffle

Manufactured from the highest quality material, our Erlenmeyer flasks provide excellent durability and strength. Their ergonomic shape makes it easy to mix substances, and a solid baffle separates reactions, minimizing the risk of contamination. With precise workmanship and attention to detail, you can be sure that your experiments will go as expected.

Application in Practice – The Ideal Tool for Research and Experimentation

Erlenmeyer baffled flasks are widely used in research laboratories, universities and industry. Ideal for conducting chemical reactions, growing microorganisms or preparing solutions. They will make your research more efficient and your laboratory processes smooth and safe. Erlenmeyer flasks are an indispensable tool in the laboratory.
Discover our large Erlenmeyer flasks – the perfect tool for performing multiple reactions simultaneously. With sturdy glass construction, they provide precision and safety. Increase the effectiveness of your research today!





  • Certified RNase-, DNase- and Pyrogen-free
  • Manufactured in accordance with EN ISO 20417:2021, EN ISO 15223-1:2016, EN ISO 18113-1:2011, EN ISO 14971:2019
  • In vitro diagnostic medical device complies with Regulation 2017/746 (hereinafter: IVDR)