Erlenmeyer PC flasks with septum


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Erlenmeyer PC Flasks with Baffle – Precision Separation and Safety

Our Erlenmeyer flasks are a breakthrough solution for laboratories that require precise separation and safe storage of various substances. The innovative baffled design allows for separate storage, resulting in reliable and accurate results. Erlenmeyer PC flasks with a septum are used in laboratories for various purposes, such as conducting two-phase reactions, separating reactions, mixing substances with different properties or storing two incompatible substances in one vessel.

Excellent Quality and Durability

Erlenmeyer PC flasks feature excellent quality PC plastic, which is resistant to mechanical damage and chemicals. The plastic ensures safe storage of samples, eliminating the risk of reactions between them. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the samples. Erlenmeyer PC baffled flasks are made of durable polycarbonate (PC). Polycarbonate is characterized by its resistance to many chemicals, making it suitable for a variety of laboratory applications.

Convenience first

Thanks to the presence of a baffle, our Erlenmeyer flasks are ideal for storing, mixing and transporting samples. This is a practical solution that increases the efficiency of the laboratory. Erlenmeyer flasks are versatile laboratory tools that allow for more advanced and controlled chemical experiments. With the ability to separate two substances in one vessel and monitor processes, they are often used in scientific research and chemical analysis.


1 The flask is made of medical polycarbonate (PC), has high transparency, high impact resistance, oxidation resistance and can withstand high temperature up to 121°C.

2. vent plug with PTFE membrane with a pore size of 0.22 μm can effectively prevent the entry and exit of microorganisms.

3 The groove design at the bottom increases the contact area between the cells and the air improving the efficiency of gas exchange.

5. electron beam sterilization, SAL=10-6.

6 Individually packaged.


  • Temperature range: room temperature
  • Shelf life: 3 years from the date of manufacture (make sure the packaging is in good condition)


Erlenmeyer flasks with septa are suitable for culturing cells in suspension and bacteria. The effect of the culture is similar to that of a bioreactor. Erlenmeyer flasks with a septum are characterized by high cell viability.


  • Manufactured in accordance with EN ISO 20417:2021, EN ISO 15223-1:2016, EN ISO 18113-1:2011, EN ISO 14971:2019
  • In vitro diagnostic medical device complies with Regulation 2017/746 (hereinafter: IVDR)


  • Sterile: YES
  • E-beam sterilization, SAL=10-6. The product has been irradiated and dosimetrically released based on ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11137
  • Samples are taken from each production batch and tested according to standard operating procedures. Appearance control: qualified. Leakage test: qualified. Pipette match test: qualified. Package control: qualified.