Erlenmeyer PETG flasks with septum

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Convenient design with partition

Our Erlenmeyer PETG flasks with septum are a revolutionary tool for laboratories that need precise and organized sample storage. Their innovative baffled design allows different substances to be stored separately in a single vessel, ensuring reliability and accuracy of results. There are volume markings on the baffled flasks, making it easy to accurately measure and control the amount of substance in both chambers. They are equipped with screw-on stoppers, which allows for controlled introduction or extraction of substances from both chambers.

Excellent Durability and Safety

Erlenmeyer PETG flasks are distinguished by their excellent durability and resistance to chemicals. PETG plastic ensures safe storage of samples, eliminating the risk of reactions between them. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the samples. Erlenmeyer flasks are made of high-quality poly(ethylene terephthalene) glycol (PETG). This material is durable, resistant to many chemicals, and has a translucent quality that allows you to observe the chemical reactions inside the vessel

Multifunctionality and Practicality

The presence of a baffle makes our Erlenmeyer PETG flasks a versatile tool in laboratories. They are ideal for storing, mixing and transporting samples. This is a practical solution that increases the efficiency of the laboratory. The flask retains the classic cone shape, which makes it easier to mix chemicals. However, it differs from a standard Erlenmeyer flask by the presence of a baffle inside that separates the two chambers inside the vessel. The baffle is an integral part of the vessel, allowing the vessel to be divided into two separate spaces, which is useful for controlled mixing of different substances or reactants

Erlenmeyer PETG septum flasks are a valuable tool in laboratories, enabling more advanced and controlled chemical experiments and research processes. Their versatility and adaptability to different needs make them a popular choice among scientists and researchers.