MicroPette Plus Autoclavable Single Channel Automatic Pipette



  • Single-channel pipettes
  • Variable Capacitance Pipettes
  • They have an easy-to-read display
  • They are completely mechanical
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Lightweight, ergonomic, comfortable for long-term use
  • Adapted to the shape of the hand, comfortable one-handed operation
  • They have a clear digital display for easy reading of the volume
  • They don’t require a lot of force to drop the tips
  • Easy to calibrate and maintain
  • Individual piston and end cone assemblies allow for easy repair and maintenance
  • Made of innovative material
  • Calibrated according to ISO8655
  • Compatible with most standard tips
  • We recommend purchasing the 01-2306 pipette stand
  • Each pipette comes with an individual inspection certificate
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SKU: 01-2155Capacity: 5-50μlName: MicroPette Plus Single-channel Adjustable Volume 5-50μlPrice: $81.73
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SKU: 01-2112Capacity: 0.1-2.5 μlName: MicroPette Plus Single-channel Adjustable Volume 0.1-2.5μlPrice: $81.73
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SKU: 01-2101Capacity: 0.5-10μlName: MicroPette Plus Single-channel Adjustable Volume 0.5-10μPrice: $81.73
Stock: In Stock
SKU: 01-2104Capacity: 10-100μlName: MicroPette Plus Single-channel Adjustable Volume 10-100μlPrice: $81.73
Stock: In Stock
SKU: 01-2102Capacity: 20-200μlName: MicroPette Plus Single-channel Adjustable Volume 20-200μlPrice: $81.73
Stock: In Stock
SKU: 01-2110Capacity: 100-1000μlName: MicroPette Plus Single-channel Adjustable Volume 100-1000μlPrice: $81.73
Stock: In Stock
SKU: 01-2115Capacity: 1000-5000μlName: MicroPette Plus Single-channel Adjustable Volume 1000-5000μlPrice: $81.73
Stock: In Stock

Single-channel automatic pipette – The technology you need!

The MicroPette Plus single-channel automatic pipette belongs to the renowned brand Biologix Group Limited. This high-tech pipette offers many benefits and features that make it stand out in the market.

Precision and accuracy: The MicroPette Plus single-channel automatic pipette is designed to provide extreme precision and accuracy in your measurements. As a result, precise dosing can be performed and small volumes of fluids can be transferred with minimal loss.

Ergonomic design

The MicroPette Plus has an ergonomic design and a lightweight, comfortable grip, making it easy to use and comfortable for extended use. This makes the pipette extremely comfortable and minimizes fatigue on the user’s hands.

Intuitive Controls: The MicroPette Plus by Biologix Group Limited is equipped with an intuitive control panel that allows you to adjust the volume easily and precisely. You can adjust the volume of dispensed liquid with just one finger, making your lab work easier and faster.

Multi-functionality: This automatic pipette from Biologix Group Limited offers a variety of different operating modes, including normal mode, reverse mode, and step mode. As a result, it can be adapted to different laboratory procedures and used in different experiments.

Performance and Reliability of a Single-Channel Automatic Pipette

MicroPette Plus is a high-quality product that delivers reliable and reproducible results. It can be used in a wide range of laboratory applications such as biological, chemical, biochemical, molecular and many more.

Easy to Operate and Maintain: The MicroPette Plus is easy to use and has a simple mechanism for loading and replacing pipette tips. It has a clear digital display for easy reading of the volume. It can also be easily maintained and cleaned, prolonging its durability and reliability.


  • One of the most important strengths of the MicroPette Plus is its excellent precision. With an advanced plunger and calibration system, the pipette guarantees accurate and repeatable results, which is extremely important for precise laboratory testing. You can have complete confidence in the results you will get with this pipette.
  • Easy to operate. With its ergonomic shape and lightweight design, pipetting becomes a pleasure. The comfortable grip provides a stable grip and minimizes hand fatigue even during prolonged work. In addition, the intuitive control panel allows you to quickly and precisely set the sample volume, which significantly increases work efficiency.
  • The MicroPette Plus single-channel pipette is also synonymous with reliability. The pipette’s design provides protection against accidental leakage, and a specially designed mechanism minimizes the risk of sample contamination. You can rest assured that your samples are safe and that you do not lose valuable substances.
  • Last but not least, the MicroPette Plus is not only a laboratory tool, but also an expression of luxury and style. Made of the highest quality materials, the pipette looks elegant and exclusive. Its modern design adds professionalism and aesthetics to your laboratory. To sum up, MicroPette Plus is an irreplaceable single-channel automatic pipette that combines excellent precision, ease of use, reliability and unique design. Working with this pipette, you can be sure that your research will be carried out at the highest level, and you will enjoy the comfort and prestige of its use.


  • The MicroPette Plus is a unique single-channel automatic pipette that is extremely useful in a variety of scientific fields and laboratories. Thanks to its precision and reliability, MicroPette Plus enables accurate and reproducible dosing of various substances, which is crucial in many experiments and analyses.
  • The application of MicroPette Plus is wide and varied. It can be used in chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, medical laboratories and many other scientific fields. A pipette is indispensable for solution preparation, pipetting samples, reagent collection and addition, as well as accurate volumetric measurements.
  • In the field of molecular biology, the MicroPette Plus single-channel pipette allows for precise dosing and transfer of nucleic acids, enzymes, substrates, ligands and other substances used in the study of DNA, RNA, proteins and other biomolecules. With the ability to pipet very small volumes, this pipette is ideal for PCR preparation, gel electrophoresis, DNA sequencing and many other molecular experiments.
  • In the field of chemistry, the MicroPette Plus single-channel pipette enables precise dispensing of a variety of chemicals, which is extremely important in organic synthesis, chemical analysis, solution preparation and many other chemical processes. With the ability to select the appropriate volume range and precisely set the values, this pipette delivers reliable and reproducible results.
  • The MicroPette Plus single-channel pipette is also used in medical laboratories to pipet blood, serum, urine and other biological fluids. With an automated pipetting engine, you can increase efficiency, minimize the risk of contamination and achieve greater precision in measurements.


  • Calibrated to ISO 8655 and each pipette has an individual test certificate.
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO8655-2:2002, ISO8655-6:2002, ISO9001:2008, ISO13485:2003.


  • MicroPette Plus single-channel pipettes are fully autoclavable with no special preparation. Autoclaving at 121°C and 1 atm for 20 minutes is recommended. After autoclaving, allow the pipette to cool and dry for 12 hours, then check its performance and recalibrate if necessary. For best performance, lubricate the pipette plunger and seal after every 10 autoclave cycles.



  • MicroPette Plus single-channel automatic pipettes are compatible with all pipette tips offered in the Genoplast store, i.e. with and without filter tips from Googlab Professional Line Tips, Biologix Group Limited and Nest Scientific Biotechnology.
  • MicroPette Plus single-channel automatic pipettes are compatible with most tips.