Sterile Cell Filters, Nylon



  • Made of durable polypropylene and strong nylon mesh
  • Individually packaged
  • Three different pore sizes available: 40 μm, 70 μm or 100 μm,
  • For convenience, the strainers are color-coded according to the pore size
  • Package size: 100x1pcs/100pcs.
  • Perfectly suitable for 50 ml centrifuge tubes
  • Proper design ensures efficient use
  • Placed in bags by machine, they remain completely intact during manufacturing and packaging
  • High protection against cross-contamination
  • Full production automation and Clean Room conditions
  • Gamma sterilization
  • Sterile, non-pyrogenic, free of DNases and RNases
  • Certified DNase-, RNase- and Pyrogen-free
  • In vitro diagnostic medical device complying with Annex III of In Vitro Diagnostic Directive (98/79/EC) (hereinafter: IVDD)

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Three sterile nylon cell filters in purple, green and orange.SKU: 15-1100Size: 100μmColor: GreenSterile: YesDegree of cleanliness: DNase/RNase free, Non-PyrogenicPacking type: individuallyPcs/Pack: 100x1pc.Price: $68.14
Stock: In Stock
Three sterile nylon cell filters in purple, green and orange.SKU: 15-1070Size: 70μmColor: OrangeSterile: YesDegree of cleanliness: DNase/RNase free, Non-PyrogenicPacking type: individuallyPcs/Pack: 100x1pc.Price: $68.14
Stock: In Stock
Three sterile nylon cell filters in purple, green and orange.SKU: 15-1040Size: 40μmColor: VioletSterile: YesDegree of cleanliness: DNase/RNase free, Non-PyrogenicPacking type: individuallyPcs/Pack: 100x1pc.Price: $68.14
Stock: In Stock

Cellular filters of the highest quality!

Sterile cell filters made of nylon, offered by the renowned brand Biologix Group Limited, are a unique tool that significantly contributes to excellence in the field of biological and laboratory research. Their elegant design and precise workmanship are synonymous with quality and reliability.

These unique cellular filters are designed for maximum efficiency and minimizing the risk of contamination. Made of nylon, which is known for its strength and chemical resistance, these filters not only ensure reliable cell separation, but also protect samples from possible damage or contamination.

Reliable Brand Biologix Group Limited

What distinguishes Biologix Group Limited cell filters is their excellent ability to precisely separate and concentrate cells, which is an invaluable advantage during a variety of research processes. Thanks to careful design and production technology, they ensure not only high efficiency, but also accuracy and repeatability of results.

Their distinctive feature is their ability to be sterilized, which helps to minimize the risk of cross-contamination and ensures that test results are reliable and as expected. In addition, the ergonomic design of these filters makes it easier to work in the laboratory, which translates into increased efficiency of research work.

The aesthetic aspect of these filters cannot be overlooked either. Their modern design makes them a real pleasure to use, and their durable construction guarantees long-term use without loss of quality. Thanks to their innovative features, working in the laboratory takes on a completely new dimension, allowing for precise and effective conducting of experiments and biological analyses.


  • Excellent build quality: Biologix Limited cellular filters have been designed with attention to the highest quality of workmanship. The materials and manufacturing processes used guarantee the durability and reliability of these filters.
  • Precise cell separation: Thanks to advanced manufacturing technologies, these filters ensure efficient separation of cells and other biological elements. This is crucial in scientific research and medical diagnostics.
  • Safe Sterilization: Biologix Limited cell filters are available in a sterile version, eliminating the need for separate sterilization prior to use. This saves time and ensures safety in the context of possible contamination.
  • Optimal permeability: The nylon material used in the manufacture of the filters provides optimal permeability, which allows solutions and samples to flow freely through the filter. This is crucial for getting accurate results.
  • Wide range of applications: Biologix Limited’s cell filters are versatile and can be used in a variety of fields such as molecular biology, microbiology, cytology, and other laboratory tests.
  • Practical packaging: The cellular filters are packaged in ergonomic packaging that facilitates comfortable and hygienic use. You can be sure that the products will remain in perfect condition until they are used.
  • Accuracy and repeatability: These filters have high accuracy and repeatability of results, which is essential for scientific research and clinical laboratories.
  • Use in automated systems: Biologix Limited cellular filters are compatible with many automated sample processing systems, making it easy to automate laboratory processes.
  • Support for advanced research: Thanks to their unique features, these filters are suitable for demanding tests where precision and reliability are key.


  • Temperature range: room temperature
  • Shelf life: 5 years from the date of manufacture (make sure the packaging is in good condition)


  • Sample Filtration
  • Sample Preparation for Flow Cytometer
  • Filtration of viscous proteins from inactivated serum
  • Isolation of primary cells to obtain a uniform suspension of single cells from tissues
  • Preparation of a suspension of single blood cells in the bone marrow, pancreas, thymus and lymph nodes
  • Stem cell preparation
  • Sample Preparation Before Freezing


  • Products are manufactured entirely in accordance with TUV ISO 9001:2008 standard


  • The products are sterilized by Gamma irradiation according to the ISO13485 standard
    For each batch, sterilization records are recorded and signed by qualified personnel for product release