Sterile laboratory syringe filters made of PES



  • Professional diaphragms, made of PES placed in a medical grade PP housing
  • Gamma sterilization
  • Sterile, Free of DNases and RNases and human DNA, pyrogens and PCR inhibitors, endotoxins, ATP, not mutagenic
  • Made of non-toxic, high-strength polypropylene
  • Individually packaged
  • Available variant: pore diameter 0.22/filter diameter 25mm
  • Package size: 100x1pcs/100pcs.
  • Filtration of aqueous solutions, buffers and media, high protein recovery>98.5
  • High performance sterile filtration, LRV
  • Larger filtering area: 4.9cm2
  • Low protein binding
  • High throughput and high flow rate
  • Proper design ensures efficient use
  • Placed in bags by machine, they remain completely intact during manufacturing and packaging
  • High protection against cross-contamination
  • Full production automation and Clean Room conditions
  • Sterile, non-pyrogenic, free of DNases and RNases
  • Certified RNase-, DNase- and Pyrogen-free
  • In Vitro diagnostic medical device in compliance with Regulation 2017/746 (hereinafter: IVDR)

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Construction – Sterile laboratory syringe filters made of PES

Sterile laboratory syringe filters made of PES are small devices that are used in medicine and laboratories to remove microorganisms, particulates, as well as proteins and other contaminants from solutions or suspensions. They consist of three main parts:

  • filter body
  • filter membrane
  • syringe tips

The filter body is usually made of plastic and contains an inner layer of filter membrane that is responsible for retaining contaminants. The tip of the syringe is a component that allows the filter to be easily attached to the syringe, as well as to be drawn and injected solution or suspension through the filter.

Varied variants

Googlab syringe filters are available in a variety of sizes and membranes for sterile and non-sterile laboratory applications. The most commonly used type of membrane for sterile syringe filters is PES, which has a specific pore size that determines the size of the particles that are retained during filtration. PES membrane has the characteristics of high flow and low protein adsorption, which can meet a wide range of applications such as buffer, protein, medium, other additives. Filtration of aqueous solutions, buffers and media, high protein>recovery 98.5

Syringe filters are used in many fields such as biotechnology, chemistry, medicine, pharmacy, and research laboratories. They are used to purify samples prior to analysis, to prepare samples for microbiological testing, and to prepare purified solutions for medical purposes.


  • Higher flow rate
  • High Total Throughput
  • Wide PH range
  • Low protein adsorption
  • Very wide range of membrane types
  • Low content of extractable substances
  • High Chemical Compatibility
  • Consistent Particle Retention
  • The transparent PP housing allows users to observe the impurities in the filtrates and the filtration process
  • Ultrasonically welded housing
  • Maximizes Effective Filtration Area (EFA)
  • Specifically designed to maximize sample recovery
  • Minimum Sample Retention Volume
  • Available pre-sterilized and individually wrapped
  • Ensures sterility during sample preparation
  • Wide compatibility making them suitable for many types of applications and solvents
  • Do not use for chloroform, esters, amides and strong acids or strong bases


  • Shelf life: 3 years from the date of manufacture (make sure the packaging is in good condition)
  • Connection: F luer connector and M luer connector
  • Maximum working pressure: 87 psi
  • Maximum operating temperature: 90 °C


  • HPLC Sample Preparation
  • Routine QC Analysis
  • Dissolution of protein precipitates
  • Dissolution Testing
  • Food Analysis
  • Sterile filtration and clarification of biological fluids
  • Environmental Samples
  • Preparation of tissue culture media
  • Sterile filtration and clarification of biological fluids
  • Protein & Enzyme Filtration
  • Hybridization buffers

Our syringe filters are widely used in a variety of fields and situations that require precise and effective filtration. Here are some examples where our syringe filters are used:

  • Gas filtration: Syringe filters are used to purify gases from unwanted particulate matter, which is important in many industrial processes and scientific research.
  • Air filtration: In laboratories and industry, syringe filters are used to eliminate contaminants from the air, especially in conditions that require cleanliness.
  • Filtration of colloidal solutions: Syringe filters are used to separate colloidal particles or suspensions in liquids, which is important in chemical and biochemical analyses.
  • HPLC, UHPLC or GC Sample Preparation/Filtration: In liquid and gas chromatography, accurate filtration of samples is crucial for reliable analytical results.
  • Biological Sample Preparation/Filtration: In the field of molecular biology and biomedical research, syringe filters help remove contaminants from biological samples prior to further analysis.
  • Filtration/separation of particulate matter in samples: In many scientific research and in the chemical industry, syringe filters are used to separate particulate matter from samples.
  • Sterilization filtration: In medicine and laboratories, syringe filters are used to sterilize liquids and purify them of microorganisms.
  • Filtration of aggressive products and water: In the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, syringe filters are used to purify aggressive substances and water to ensure the safety of production processes.
  • Filtration in Trace Metal Analysis: In analytical research, especially in trace metal analysis, fine filtration is crucial to obtain accurate results.
  • Filtration in ion chromatography: In chemical analysis and especially in ion chromatography, syringe filters are used to prepare samples before analysis.
    Our syringe filters are characterized by high quality and filtration accuracy. We are a direct distributor of reliable suppliers, which guarantees our customers confidence in the quality of the products supplied. Despite the attractive price, we do not compromise on quality, which means that our customers can be sure that the equipment we offer will meet their expectations and meet the highest standards.


  • Manufactured according to EN ISO14971:2019; EN980:2016; EN ISO13485:2016; ISO 14001
  • Certified RNase-, DNase- and Pyrogen-free
  • In Vitro diagnostic medical device in compliance with Regulation 2017/746 (hereinafter: IVDR)


  • Gamma sterilization